Eyeshinning Swirl Black Colored Contact Lenses

Applicable to both light & dark eyes!

Looking for creepy and impressive colored contacts for your next fancy dress party. These Swirl Black of clown style are definitely your choice! The black and white swirl shape eyes seem like having hypnosis effect, making everyone who looks into your eyes fall in sleep without realizing.

6 Things You Need to Know about Eyeshinning Swirl Black Colored Contact Lenses

1. Spotlight of Cosplay & Halloween!

Strongly recommended for Cosplay, Halloween, Carnival, fancy dress parties, theme nights and other special occasions, Eyeshinning Cosplay series contact lenses with different designs bring an extra level of realness to your favorite character costumes. With these lenses on, you will be the absolute spotlight of the crowd!

2. CE and FDA Qualified Material

Concerning of your safety, all of our contacts carry CE mark and are FDA approved, conforming to international qualitative medical standards.