Eyeshinning Polar Lights Brown II Colored Contact Lenses

Applicable to both light & dark eyes!

With high precision and rich color, polar lights II contact lenses make you dazzling in the crowd.

Upgraded on polar lights brown contacts, polar lights brown II has a darker brown color, and adds a sparkling chocolate outer ring, which effectively enlarges our eyes and makes them more vivid. If you are fan of Polar Lights Brown, this new edition will surely bring you surprise!

7 Features You'd Like to Know about Polar Lights Brown II Colored Contact Lenses

1. Upgrade on the Polar Lights Series

Inspired by the polar lights of Nordic, Eyeshinning released the Polar Lights Series Contact Lenses and achieved critical success. Now we come back with the upgraded Polar Lights II. Generally the Series II looks darker than the older edition, thanks to the outer circle of deep homochromatic color, which makes your eyes more attractive than ever.

2. Advanced Sandwich Painting Tech

This color-embedding process divides contact lenses into 3 layers, which effectively prevent pigment layer contact your cornea directly, to make sure your health and safety.

3. Smooth Edge Design

Soft and smooth edge is designed to have a natural and fresh feeling without any foreign body sensation.

4. UV Blocking

Help to block daily ultraviolet when you are outside. Wearing Eyeshinning contact lenses every day means that you have additional protection for your eyes.

5. Non-ionic Raw Material

Materials of high quality effectively against protein stains, making lenses soft and comfortable to wear.

6. Maintain Moisture

These lenses allow a significant amount of oxygen transit through, helping to maintain a high level of moisture.

7. Yearly Disposable

You can wear these fashionable lenses with a high moisture for up to 12 months.


Water content: 38%
Thickness: 0.08mm 
Texture: Polymacon 
Base curve: 8.5mm 
Diameter: 14.0mm 
Period of use: 12 months
Packaging: 1 Pair (2 lenses)