Eyeshinning Miku Green Colored Contact Lenses

Applicable to both light & dark eyes!

With rich, vibrant blend of 2 tones, these colored contacts will give your eyes a look that is both sophisticated and natural. There's a vibrant shade of moss green, compared with an solar ring in the center, locked by a black circle which emphasizes your big doll-like eyes. These Miku Green Colored Contact Lenses will be the finishing touch to your cosplay costume, or the highlight of your daily outfit!

6 Things You Need to Know about Eyeshinning Miku Green Colored Contact Lenses

1. Source of Creativity

Tired of monotonous and boring daily makeup? Want to add something new to your party outfit? Eyeshinning Party Collection colored contact lenses will be the source of inspiration, helping you to complete various creative makeup styles with a wide rage of vivid colors and delicate patterns. Come and create more impressing looks with these amazing contacts!

2. CE and FDA Qualified Material

Concerning of your safety, all of our contacts carry CE mark and are FDA approved, conforming to international qualitative medical standards.