Eyeshinning Crystal Makeup Brushes Set

Why other girls always own more exquisite makeup, why the foundation makeup on your face seems so thick? Same cosmetics and steps, why you get different effects?
Maybe the main reason is the makeup brushes.
Haven't meet these questions, then you're lucky. If you also bother about these, I will recommend to Eyeshinning new crystal makeup brushes sets.

Detail of Crystal Makeup Brushes Set

1. 3 Pretty Kinds. Just as the picture shows, eyeshinning crystal makeup brushes can be divided into 3 different types according to the various color of bristles.
2. 5 Brushes. Every makeup brushes set contains 5 brushes with full function for makeup. Such as these small 3 brushes, you can use for lips, eyebrow and eye shadow. These big 2 brushes can be used for cheek color and loose powder.
Professional function helps a lot for your fine makeups.
3. Fashion Design.Using crystal as handle materials, so clear and colorful under lights, which add another wonderful scene for your dressing tables.
4. First Class Bristles. Used high-quality artificial fiber as bristles, which make loose powder, liquid foundation and other cosmetics smooth, giving you frivolous and perfect makeup.
5. Portable and Miniature. All these crystal brushes no more than 20cm, which occupy a little space, so convenient for travel and go out.

Eyeshinning crystal makeup brushes sets make every girl be princess and queen. With fine makeups, wear a pretty dress, you are always the one shining and gorgeous.