Eyeshinning Cardcaptor Sakura Wings Contact Lenses Auto-washer


Do you know it? Though the lens seems very clean, it can absorb hundreds of billions of tears protein. For its special material, many small oxygen-permeable holes are on its surface, this make the tears protein absorbed easily by the lens.

Cardcaptor Sakura Wings Auto-washer has very cute magic circle and wings. This electric cleaner is produced under the highest medical production standards and environment, and made of the top-quality materials.

How to use?

1. Put one AAA battery at the bottom of the cleaner.

2. Pour solution into the case (more or less 2/3 of the case) and put contact lenses in, tighten the caps.

3. Press the red button to start cleaning, after 30 seconds, press again to stop. Almost noiseless during the entire process, without any damage to the lens. Help eliminate protein remains, improve oxygen permeability, improve the comfort of wearing.

4. Pour out the solution, rinse the lenses with solution. Fill the case with solution and put lenses into again.