Why my transaction is not completed?

Here several reasons your transaction cannot go through,
1. Bank Declined - Bank refuse to complete the payment. (The Most Common Reason) 
**Kindly call with your card issuer / bank for authorization this particular transaction
2. Invalid card Information including card holder name, card no., expiry date & security code.
3. Card declined due to insufficient fund, invalid card type (Amex & Discover).
4. Loading Error - Slow internet connection during transaction, the transaction process has time out.
5. User click "Cancel Payment / back to Eyeshinning.com"

When can I get the parcel?

It will take 10-20 days for shipment on normal situation. Actually we are unable to control the shipping speed, it depends on destination country handling time.

For more information, please check our shipping policy.

Where is my order and How can I track?

1.All of placed orders will be processed and dispatched within 48 hours.Some items with high prescription and shortage may expereince possibly delayed dispatch for 2-3 days because of customization and stocking. Please understand.

2.Get your tracking number through your own account, and Track your Order HERE 

Why is actual color different from that  on website?

Due to variable factors, such as light, camera lens filters, surrounding colors, original eye color/ eye shape/ makeup, etc, the color of the lenses may vary and look different. Such cases should be acceptable.

Kindly Remind:
Please contact us within 24 hours after you have received your lenses if you have any doubt about your lenses. Please don’t forget to enclose the lens picture so that we can check for you.